Tulsi Poojan Diwas 2023

the holy basil is a fragrant Indian herb that is highly revered in Hindu culture. Tulsi is worshipped as an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, the divine consort of Lord Vishnu. Its leaves are essential in the worship of Lord Vishnu and all his avatars, including Ram, Krishna and even Hanuman and Balaram.

Tulsi poojan diwas

Tulsi plant occupies the pride of place in most Indian households in the center of the courtyard or facing the house. It is also grown for medicinal purposes and for extracting tulsi oil.Tulsi Benefits In Hindu culture, the benefits of Tulsi plant are numerous. In addition to being a valuable medicinal herb,

Tulsi plant is worshipped across India for its spiritual vibrations. According to the Padma Puran, a person who merely sees the Tulsi plant thriving in a home or garden is rid of all bad karma, including the sin of killing a Brahmin. The Puranas further state that Lord Krishna is happy to abide in a home where

Tulsi Devi is present.A home where Tulsi Devi is worshipped never falls on bad times, but becomes pure like a holy place. The mere fragrance of the tulsi plant is supposed to purify the surroundings. Tulsi is commonly consumed in Indian households in many forms. It is brewed in herbal tea, consumed as a dry powder, ground into paste and even mixed with ghee.

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tulsi poojan diwas

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