Intimate stuff warning

Today’s generation don’t hesitate in sharing intimate feelings with their partners. Infact there are some dating apps purposely made only to fullfill desires of youth but this post is to caution you before you indulge in any same activity and be a part of it because recently some reports have revealed that your data might be monitored and your personal pics or data might be seen by some people you don’t want to.

Intimate stuff

There are certain things you must keep in mind before sharing these stuff

  1. Ensure that from whatever source you’re sharing this there is an encrypted mode means the chat is end-to-end encrypted.
  2. Don’t share these stuff while using public WiFi. It’s recently seen that public WiFi are more easily hacked nowadays and the person might be monitoring your internet use by hacking same.
  3. Whenever you part from a relationship where you’ve shared these stuff in past male sure that they don’t have your these images with them.
  4. Today’s world is greedy and very much insensitive. If you’re sharing these with someone keep a chat backup with you.

If you’re in some kind of trouble feel free to get any kind of legal advice HERE

Intimate stuff intimate stuff

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