Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma is in News nowadays. His home franchise has acquired their old player Hardik Pandya from Gujarat team in IPL. News are coming that Hardik has put forward a demand to make him captain at Rohit Sharma’s place in IPL.

Rohit Sharma

Hitman fans are not happy with the News even team support staff is not happy as per the rumours. Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has also left team’s coach position after said demand by Hardik Pandya.

Indian cricket team

Rohit is also best captain of IPL so far winning his team title almost 5 times which is second highest for any team in tournament.

We consider that he is also part of Indian Test team squad for test series going on between team India and South Africa. Both the players will be seen together on pitch Rohit and Hardik.

Some rumours were also there that Hardik is not still Fully fit for the tournament and he might be ruled out for whole of this IPL season lets see what will happen.


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