Sajid Khan

Big news has come out from Bollywood world. Star actor Sajid Khan has breathed his last at the age of 71. (Sajid Passed Away) played Sunil Dutt’s childhood role of Birju in ‘Mother India’. Birju character was portrayed by Sajid Khan. It is understood that Sajid died of cancer. Sajid’s son Sameer Khane informed about this.

Sajid Khan

Sajid was suffering from cancer for the past few years. Sameer Khan informed that he passed away on Friday i.e. December 22. Sajid Khan got married again after which he settled in Kerala. Sameer Khan said that he had moved away from the film industry and was involved in social welfare work.

Sajid worked for a short time but his performance was appreciated. Sajid Khan made everyone crazy with his first film. Sajid played the role of Sunil Dutt’s Birju in the film Mother India. Sajid was only 6 years old at that time. Sajid has acted in less films.

Meanwhile, Sajid got recognition not only in the country but also in the world with the film Son of India. His work in this film was also well appreciated. Sajid also acted in the films Zindagi Aur Tufan, Dahans and Heart and Dust.

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