There are many SUVs expected to launch

There is a huge demand for SUV cars on the internet so this blog post aims to bring you the latest news related to Upcoming SUV cars in 2024 which might be valid near budget to buy and might be priced below 12 lac rupees.Do automobile market in India is getting bigger and bigger due to favourable schemes provided by the present government and also the Rising buying capacity of the buyers as given the way to the companies to launch more of their products. 

Upcoming SUVs

 People nowadays prefer upcoming SUVs cars over Other options available in the market which means Sedan or muvs. following is the list of some of the upcoming suvs cars

  1.  The first one is from the TATA company and is one of their bestsellers that is Tata punch, they expect to launch it in electronic option in 2024.
  2.  the second big launch of 2024 might be From MahIndra brand. We are expecting the launch of a new Bolero which might be named as balero neo plus in 2024.
  3.  and another  big car expected to launch in 2024 Is expected from the Kia brand. It might be the new KEA Sonnet set to launch in 2024 with more updated features and a sunroof might be an  addition .

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